Monday, 7 September 2015

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Guide to politics concepts/issues covered & to come this week

The Refugee crisis

L6 Politics - Unit 1
What is Democracy? What are the benefits of democracy? Is democracy always a good thing?
·          Key concepts: Democracy, dictatorship, consent & participation.Essential reading  pages 25-28
Why don’t people take part in politics? Why might this be a bad thing & how do we get more people involved?
·          Key concepts: Citizenship, Participation & Partisan dealignment. Essential reading pages 28-32
How did the Ancient Greeks practice democracy? Is democracy better without politicians?
·          -     Concepts: Direct democracy & referendum. Key Essential reading page 32

L6 Politics Unit 2 
Codified constitution - When did it originate, how does it work, what types are there, what are the benefits & pitfalls? What are the main sources & characteristics of the UK constitution? Should the UK codify its constitution? Essential reading: Essentials of UK Politics, A Heywood, Pages 170-187 

U6 Politics - Unit 3
1.    Why is individual freedom so important for liberals?
2.    Define individualism.
3.    According to Mill, on what grounds can the state rightfully constrain an individual’s liberty?
4.    How do such libertarians view actions that are ‘self regarding’? Give examples.
5.    What does such a view imply about the liberty of others? (Rawls)
6.    Describe Issiah Berlin’s ‘Two concepts of liberty.’
7.    Try & explain how this relates to the question of the individual & the state.(not in text)
8.    What was the main theme of the enlightenment?
9.    Define ‘rationalism’. (See box on p.33)
10. How does this relate to individual liberty? 11. How does this relate to progress?

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