The Executive (PM & Cabinet)

The Executive

PM & Cabinet

PM Style (1)

PM Style (2)

Revision tasks

Prime ministerial power

  1. Briefly explain 6 sources of the PM
  2. Where does the PM get his power from?
  3. What powers do all PM’s have?
  4. What key factors cause those powers to vary?

  1. Limitations: what impact does a parliamentary majority have? Use Thatcher & Major as examples
  2. Limitations: what impact party unity? Use Thatcher & Blair.
  3. Limitations: what role does the media play?
  4. Limitations: what happens if the PM doesn’t have the confidence of Parliament or the Cabinet?

  1. Prime ministerial or Presidential? What governing style now dominates the political system?
  2. Prime ministerial or Presidential? How does being effectively ‘head of state’ imply this?
  3. Prime ministerial or Presidential? What role do personal advisers play in this concept?
  4. Prime ministerial or Presidential? What role do the media play?
  5. Prime ministerial or Presidential? Explain in detail the significance of Spatial leadership (include a definition).

  1. How did Blair become Presidential?

  1. Arguments against: What was Hennessy’s argument?
  2. Arguments against: How could it be seen as ‘style rather than substance’?
  3. Arguments against: what did George Jones argue?

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