Pressure Groups

Pressure groups intro
Pressure groups methods 

Pressure groups - Pluralism & Elitism

Pressure groups - more or less powerful (Pt 1)

Revision tasks

Pressure Group influence on Parliament (2013)


(a) Distinguish between 'insider' and 'outsider' pressure groups. (5)
(a) Distinguish between promotional & sectional or (a) Outline two types of pressure group.
(a) What is a pressure group?
(a) Outline two ways that a pressure group differs from a political party. 5 marks
(a) Outline 3 functions of a pressure group
(a) Distinguish between Pluralism & Elitism
(a) How do pressure groups promote functional representation?
(a) What is the link between pressure groups & pluralism (or with elitism for a similar Q)

(b) How do pressure groups influence government? 
(b) Explain the reasons why the success of pressure groups may be limited.
(b) How do pressure groups influence public opinion?
(b) Explain three political functions of pressure groups
(b) Explain three factors which may restrict the influence of a pressure group
(b) Explain three ways in which pressure groups exert influence
(b) Outline 2 methods used by pressure groups
(b) Why is it sometimes difficult to distinguish between pressure groups & political parties?
(b) Explain the different types of pressure group
(b) Explain the factors which limit the success of pressure groups.
(b) How and why do some pressure groups use direct action? (similar question could be Lobbying, Parliamentary methods or Mobilising public opinion)
(b) How & why do the methods of insider groups differ from outsiders?
(b) How has the internet affected pressure group activity?
(b) How do pressure groups encourage participation?
(b) Outline possible problems with Pluralism today

(c) Why are some groups more successful than others
(c) Do pressure groups in the UK concentrate power or distribute it more widely.
(c) To what extent are the largest pressure groups the most powerful?
(c) Are pressure groups becoming more powerful, or less powerful?
(c) To what extent do pressure groups promote political participation in the UK?
(c) To what extent are pressure groups good for democracy?
(c) How & why have the methods of pressure groups changed in recent years?
(c) Is pressure group politics in the UK better described as pluralist or as elitist?
(c) How & why have pressure groups become more important in recent years?
(c) In what senses can pressure groups be considered undemocratic?
(c) In what ways do pressure groups enhance democracy?
(c) How has the role of pressure groups changed in recent years
(c) To what extent do pressure groups undermine democracy?

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