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A2 Socialism research questions – 1 (w/c 3rd November)

       Lesson 1 – The class will be an Intro to socialism 
       Research questions for lesson 1
1. How has socialism been traditionally defined?
2. How & why did socialism arise? What were the conditions like & why was that significant?
3. How does Robert Owen contrast with Marx & Engels?
4. What changed later in the 19th century & what impact did it have
5. What have been the spectacular reverses

Lesson 2 – core ideas: No man is an island & Community.
Research questions for lesson 2;
1.     How can socialism be understood as an economic model? How can is understood as ‘labourism’?
2.    Socialism can also be understood as an ideology; what do you think ‘no man is an island’ means? How can Donne’s poem be seen as an expression of fraternity?
3.     What is the socialist view of human nature & what are the implications of this view?
4.     What is their view of the individual & society? Do you agree with this view?
5.     What is meant by collectivism? What are some examples of collectivist living?

       Lesson 3 – Intro to socialism – core ideas: Cooperation & equality.
       Research questions for lesson 3;
       1. How can cooperation be seen as preferable to competition? Do you agree with this argument?
       2. Compare the socialist incentive to work with the capitalist. How might social democrats approach this? What are some examples of the                  cooperative approach in the UK & elsewhere?
       3. Explain how Social equality upholds justice & fairness. Why is formal equality not enough? Surely equality of opportunity is ok? How does                social equality underpin cooperation & community?
       4. How is social equality connected to need satisfaction? Make reference to Marx; what does you think he means? Contrast the Marxist view of              equality with the Social democrat view.
       5. How does social democracy blur the distinction between social equality & equality of opportunity?
       Lesson 4 – core ideas: Class politics & common ownership.
       Research questions for lesson 4;
       1. How important is class for socialists? What are the different socialist views of class?
       2. How & why has the link between class & socialism been reduced?
       3. Where does the origin of inequality lie for some socialists?
       4. Identify 3 socialist criticisms of private property. What have they proposed in its place? What was Marx & Engels view?
       5. Define nationalisation. What was the social democratic position? What’s happened since the 50’s?

The Mark Steel Lectures: Karl Marx

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