Monday, 19 January 2015

Causes, consequences & solutions: read the article & give your opinion

Oxfam warns of widening inequality gap, days ahead of Davos economic summit in Switzerland


  1. it is true that, as Byanyima conjectures, "extreme the result of policies; there is a natural dichotomy between policies of austerity that are draconian out of necessity and iniquitous taxation policies that divest the destitute of acceptable incomes. In recent years, American politics has been manipulated by the super-rich, albeit this is expounded by Democrats for pure electoral appeal, in any case, Obama must, in his last term, attempt to redress the inimical inequity that suffuses the statistically ranked richest economy in the world else conditions may worsen. Elsewhere in the world, inequitable livelihoods can not simply subsist on alms; to close the worldwide wealth ruction there must be a collaborative effort coordinated on a multi-national level.

  2. I honestly don't think you have to be revolutionary Marxist to see a problem here. Russell Brand argues, quite convincingly in my opinion, that if you just slough off all the media spin and all the layers of societal propaganda heaped on us you can actually just realize how obviously and unjustifiably wrong this is. We all live on a planet which has an amount of wealth and resources more than sufficient to support everyone.Think about it: there are 80 people who are wealthier than 3500000000. There need to be serious steps towards profit caps and redistribution of wealth. How could we not? Why? They've earned the money? Sure, by trekking through a moral wasteland to the top, but more importantly who needs that amount of money? Nobody needs, or should even want more money than, say, £100 million, and that's generous. Do CEOs need that extra million more than a child that is starving to death in its mother's arms? 'Profit caps will put people off and fetter innovation'. Money doesn't motivate people beyond simple manual labor, its only an issue when one doesn't have enough to live comfortably - that's not some potty Leninist theory, that's a fact. The +$3,000,000,000,000 the US spent on bailing out the banks last year could have given every homeless person in America a $50,000 p. a. job. I am honestly eager to hear why this could not happen, as in my opinion it certainly should be happening, people's awareness needs to be raised!