Monday, 20 October 2014

AS Politics unit 1 - the story so far

Democracy and political participation 

This topic is now complete, you should be able to:
  1. Explain the nature of democracy
  2. Define & exemplify direct democracy
  3. Define and explain the use of referendums
  4. Describe representation & explain representative democracy
  5. Understand the nature & types of power, legitimacy, consent & authority
  6. Explain pluralist democracy 
  7. Explain liberal, parliamentary & presidential democracy
  8. Describe & exemplify citizenship & political participation
  9. Analyse the differences between direct & representative democracy, including their relative merits
  10. Analyse why referendums have been used more often to resolve political issues
  11. Evaluate whether referendums are a good way of resolving issues
  12. Explain & exemplify how & why political participation has fallen
  13. Identify & explain way participation could be increased. How desirable are there proposals?
  14. How democratic is the UK?
  15. How representative is the UK political system?
  16. Explain & critically assess methods of making the UK more democratic

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