Wednesday, 21 October 2015

PMQ's & work for half term

Lower 6th form

1. Half term prep: Constitutional reform since 1997 has not gone far enough. Discuss. (40)

In your groups - prepare a PowerPoint presentation using the hand-out & textbook for the first lesson after half term. Email the completed presentations to Mr Thomas or save it to a usb. The group tasks are;

2.Constitutional reform presentations
Group 1 -  HRA - Why was the HRA proposed? How does  it work? The HRA in context.
Group 2  - Parliament (the Commons & the Lords)
Group 3 –  Electoral reform  - Changes, the 2011 referendum etc
Group 4 – The Freedom of information Act – what is it & how does it work?
Group 5 – Devolution – What is it? How does it work? Also, could it be described as ‘quasi federalism’?
Group 6 – Constitutional reform under Brown, Cameron & Clegg.

Upper 6th form

1. Half term prep: To what extent have conservatives supported ‘free market’ capitalism? (45)

2. Reading (with notes) to be completed for the first class after half term

Introduction to New Right
1. What does the term ‘New Right’ describe? What is it a marriage between? 
2. How is it a restatement of the case for a minimal state?  
3. Why was government the cause of the problems the economy faced? 
4. How &why do they support the ‘supply side’?
5. In what ways is it anti-statist & why do they oppose welfare?

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