Monday, 12 January 2015

St John's opinion poll & the latest national polls

Using your nom de plume, write the party you are likely to vote for in the school mock election in the comments box below. Here are the latest national polls.

Liberal Democrat

Write you answer in the comments box & try to include at least one sentence justifying your choice 


  1. Labour- we need to get rid of the conservative strong hold in the Surrey area.
    Ho Chi Minh

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  3. I will vote Conservative as I believe that while that they are not perfect, they have the best policies to keep our economy stable and hopefully rising. While their 5 year term has not been perfect, it has been stable and they have managed political issues with tact.

  4. I, Vlad Putin, will be voting Conservative as I believe the leader, William Laver, is the only person fit to run the school

  5. Conservative - Labour will lose half to UKIP, SNP don't have a chance, UKIP wont have enough, Lib Dems are almost extinct and although the Tory's will lose some they wont lose enough to make a difference.
    Nigel Farage

  6. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon12 January 2015 at 19:01

    In this mock election I plan to vote for the conservative party, based on their relative success during the previous term in regard to economic growth as well as other aspects of their policies.

  7. i will vote Labour as i believe that they will help to recover the NHS and not send this country back down to the poverty stricken days of the 1930's. Labour needs support in the south so it can go into coalition with the SNP and make this kingdom better
    Ed Balls

  8. In the upcoming election I plan to vote Conservative due to their recent success in reducing the deficit and this has been done even with the limits of being in a coalition. I am also a huge fan on a lot of their policies most notably the promise of an in/out referendum on Europe and the income tax costs,
    Ed Miliband (simple ed)

  9. I plan to vote Conservative in this mock election due to their strong economic policy and Labour's seemingly careless attitude towards the economy.
    -David Cameron

  10. Undecided, but likely will not vote. Labour would be preferential if they were an actual left wing party. As of right now there just ins't a big enough difference between the two main parties, though I don't fancy a privatized NHS. Maybe Greens would steal my vote but then what's the point? There won't be a Green government. But then again maybe its better to have the lesser of two evils, and vote Labour. Just feel like the center/far left needs a comeback.

  11. Conservatives- Miliband's plan for more spending and more borrowing will bring the country down financially. Conservatives plan to cut tax for 30 million people to prevent hard working families from having to pay high taxes.

    Harry Truman

  12. -Fidel Castro
    Shame there's no communist party, be far simpler, *tokes on cigar* I believe that the conservatives are going to win although they have sort out 1 NHS and 2 student fees. *tokes on cigar* Good luck
    -Fidel Castro

  13. I will certainly be voting Conservative as I strongly feel that this country does not deserve to be taken back into the darkness by Labour. On the whole, life is getting better: the deficit is falling, more people are in work than ever, thousands are being rescued from the squalor of benefits dependency, Britain has become the world’s fastest-growing major economy, schools are improving and crime rates are dropping vertiginously. Oh, and because Labour, which brought us to the edge of calamity four years ago, still refuses to accept that it allowed either the debt or the deficit to get out of control.
    Not to mention the rather frightening alternative of the two Eds who run their entire campaign on a combination of scare mongering and pessimism.

    If you think Labours the answer, you obviously don't understand the question.
    Boris Johnson

  14. I, the beacon of hope within this harsh and oppressive Capitalist world, will vote for the most important yet least appreciated party. The Green party. They not only are the only party that give proper attention to the grave issue of global warming but also want to tackle the corporate greed that plagues modern day society. They won't get into power but at least it will show the traditional parties that the environment must be focussed on.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out about the debate Cameron, it's good to know that a right wing party which receives millions from Russian oligarchs, wants to ensure a left wing party that wants to tackle corporate greed is properly represented.

  15. I would like to vote for the conservatives as I feel the Labour leadership is weak and would rather have a strong Conservative government whose policies will aid aid our economy. Ciao, Silvio Berlusconi

  16. I think that the conservatives are likely due to them having strong leadership and policies, whereas Labour have a weaker leadership.

    D. Alexander

  17. I believe the conservatives will pull through this one, they have the charisma of their leader which can win the people and as a former vice president of the United States, I firmly believe that the Conservatives are the way forward.
    Miliband's promises for me are not stable enough and he lacks the ability to win people....He certain hasn't won me

  18. I plan to vote conservative in the upcoming General election as I feel that they pursue the necessary goals to best run the United Kingdom. For example I am a firm believer in their reduction of the percentage that those within the top rate of tax have to pay. As well as this they are the only electable party who have proposed an in/out referendum on Europe in 2017. #Disraeli

  19. In the general election I plan to vote conservatives, the Conservatives can and will give us an in/out referendum on EU membership. Whether you want to leave the EU, or whether you believe it can successfully be reformed, the only way to get either outcome is by voting Conservative.


  20. After much thought I will vote for the Conservatives in the 2015 general election. One reason out of many is the possibility of getting rich, under Milliband, entrepreneurship will collapse. Due to extreme wealth distribution of 50% and other restricting legislation start-up business will fall, and entrepreneurship is the key to a flourishing economy and the operations of the nation. An example is the West/East Germany situation where in the socialist side it was barbaric, I know that milibands labour is not that extreme but what Ed brings to the table, with his plans of wealth distribution will destroy business in the UK.